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This site is dedicated to the Earth, all my friends, animals, plants, and all people regarding them beings of their own kind.


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Accompanying text to the EARTH MANIFESTO

The following comments on the EARTH MANIFESTO receive confirmation by many organizations, scientific institutes, projects and NGOs. Almost 8 billion people will live on Earth in 2020. This is an extremely high number when compared to various animal populations. You don't have to be a zoologist, your own observations will perfectly suffice: in the animal world, excess populations as a rule are not viable, they usually will collapse. Since humans undoubtedly are living beings, they will have to account for the fact that they will inadvertently face such a fate. 


Corona and the nuclear power plants

Pandemics like Corona are a major threat to nuclear power plants. They are among those events that threaten the propper running of the systems and must therefore be placed in the same category as earthquakes, floods, tsunamis or fire.  

Since December 2019, mankind has been confronted with a new pandemic caused by a corona virus. Science has named it SARS-CoV-2. The starting point was the megacity Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei. After the novel disease was able to spread rapidly, initially unnoticed, the central government ordered a lockdown on Hubei in mid-January and imposed a curfew. Nevertheless, the virus was able to circumnavigate the entire globe within a few weeks with the help of international air traffic. In addition to the Chinese hotspots, above all Wuhan, others were created in Iran, in northern Italy, in Spain, in some Austrian holiday resorts, in two German provinces and in the US state of New York, to name a few. In these hotspots we see a high rate of infection and high death rates, often combined with a collapse of the health system.


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